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Rock Dental Brands has a variety of locations that vary from orthodontic care, pediatric dental care, oral surgery, and general family dentistry. All of our locations are different – this is what makes US different. We understand the importance of a strong brand. This is why we’re here to enhance your established brand or support you through a complete rebrand. The choice is yours. We partner seamlessly alongside all of our individual brands and support them in our main mission: to increase the standard of quality patient care.

“Rock Dental Brands didn’t see it necessary to completely rebrand the practice that I had created and built a reputation for in our area. Here I am, 10 years after selling my practice, and I’m still Mangan Dental Group.” – Dr. Stephen Mangan, Mangan Dental Group


Southern Started, Southern Growing

Planting our foundation in the Southern half of the United States, we’ve begun to expand our roots moving deeper into the Southeastern corner of the country. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, you can count on being welcomed with kindness, warmth… and a little bit of humidity.

Our service strategy allows us to support locations near and far from the home office, so our doctors can treat patients successfully in their local communities.

  • 2 locations
  • Arkansas Oral Surgery 4 locations

    At Arkansas Oral Surgery, your treatment and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to helping you achieve the results you want and deserve! Our knowledgeable doctors and teams are highly skilled in numerous specialty procedures, including the extraction of wisdom teeth, the placement of dental implants, orthognathic and reconstructive facial surgery, and bone grafting. Along with the latest technological advancements in oral surgery, we use IV sedation to make each patient’s treatment more comfortable and relaxing.

  • Baptiste Dentistry for Kids 1 location

    Baptiste Dentistry For Kids prides ourselves in providing our valued pediatric patients with attentive, compassionate and personalized care. We put patients first by focusing on your care and comfort. We treat you as if you were one of our family members and we want you to think of our practice as your pediatric home for dentistry.

  • Baptiste Orthodontics 3 locations

    Baptiste Orthodontics prides ourselves on providing our valued orthodontic patients with attentive, compassionate and personalized care with adult braces, clear aligners and Invisalign treatments to name a few. We put patients first by focusing on your care and comfort while in your braces. We treat you as if you were one of our family members and we want you to think of Baptiste Orthodontics as your orthodontic home for kids and adult braces.

  • Birmingham Orthodontics 4 locations

    Birmingham Orthodontics mission has remained unchanged since first opening our doors—to provide affordable orthodontic treatment while never sacrificing quality. We believe that anyone who comes in—patients and parents—should leave our office with a smile. One visit and you’ll quickly see how serious we are about this mission—working every day to fulfill it through expertise and passion, and doing it all with smiles on our faces, too.

  • Cardinal Orthodontics 2 locations

    Cardinal Orthodontics specialist Dr. Brent Bowen is committed to helping children, teenagers, and adults achieve their ideal smile through metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign. We treat your individual goals and eliminate excessive orthodontic treatment. Let us help you start your journey to a confident, beautiful smile! We invite you to take advantage of our free exam for your first visit. You can meet the team and learn more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

  • Coastline Orthodontics 4 locations

    When it comes to the health and aesthetics of your smile, having experience is key. At Coastline Orthodontics, our orthodontists have over 80 combined years of experience, and we have helped improve over 30,000 smiles since 1985. In addition, our orthodontists regularly attend seminars at the local, state, and national levels to remain current with all advancements and techniques in the field of orthodontics. This experience and dedication to knowledge allows us to properly diagnose your case and expertly recommend the best-suited course of treatment. With Coastline Orthodontics, you will be smiling brightly in no time!

  • Hall Orthodontics 1 location

    Since 1967, people all around Hot Springs know Hall Orthodontics for the care we provide and the smiles we create. Our doctor works closely with each patient and their family to design a treatment plan that fits your specific personal and clinical needs, focusing on lasting oral health and a pleasing smile. They’re always available to answer questions, provide progress updates, and ensure you are informed and engaged throughout treatment.

  • Impact Oral Surgery 2 locations
    At Impact Oral Surgery, we take the time to discuss your options as well as educate you on all aspects of your treatment. Each treatment is performed by experienced and qualified professionals. We’re confident the impact we make on your life will be written in the smile on your face.
  • Leap Kids Dental 15 locations

    Leap Kids Pediatric Dental was formed in 2015 by a group of pediatric and general dentists who joined together in the development of a group of high-end, trustworthy, reliable pediatric dental offices for infants, children, and adolescents. We know that selecting a pediatric dentist is a big decision and a crucial first step to helping your child have a healthy smile for a lifetime. This is why our team works together like a family so that we can best serve your family.

  • Mangan Dental Group 1 location

    When a family wants to keep their smiles healthy, they need a dental office that welcomes all ages. At Mangan Dental Group we have the knowledge and experience to take care of the dental needs of everyone in the family–from babies to great grandparents. That means no need to run all over town to get everyone seen, and since there are several hygienists on staff, often families schedule more than one family member at a time. That shortens the total time spent at the office and unifies treatment over the course of their lives. We pride ourselves on being “child-friendly,” and inviting.

  • Meade Moore Pediatric Dentistry 1 location

    Meade Moore Pediatric Dentistry understands and loves children. We’ve been providing trusting and exceptional care to our patients for over twenty-five years. We gently guide our pediatric patients through their dental experience by explaining what we are doing and why. Our goal is to make every visit a special time so that our patients look forward to coming to the office. Our patients are so excited about visiting our office that we often hear that they want to have their birthday party at our office.

  • My Village Pediatric Dentistry 1 location

    My Village Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to creating healthy smiles and happy kids in Northwest Arkansas. My Village is so much more than just the name of our office; it’s the entire essence of our practice! We’re a community, a team, a family, a village! Our doctors and staff are committed to working together with our patients and their families to ensure that each child achieves their strongest smile.

  • Rock Family Dental 9 locations

    Rock Family Dental was founded by a group of providers with a mission to proactively enhance the standard of dental care to all patients. Our goal is to make quality care attainable for each and every patient throughout their lifetime. As a group of dentists who share a common vision for the future of dental care, we understand the importance of providing a dental home for our patients to foster a continuous and growing relationship between the dentist and the patient, including all facets of oral health care delivered in a comprehensive, accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way.

  • Westrock Orthodontics 55 locations

    Westrock Orthodontics officially began in 2015 as a result of the joint efforts of two orthodontists, Dr. Mark Dake and Dr. Bryan Hiller. In 2009, they partnered with one another to facilitate constant improvement in the way they provided patient treatment in addition to customer service. Together they created an environment of cooperation, dedication, and teamwork, that has resulted in an expansive patient care network where quality results are the top priority.

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