Building a thoughtful, collaborative network of providers.

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“Doing what I love makes a day at work not seem like work at all.”

Dr. John Cauldwell

Built by providers, for providers.

When you come to Rock Dental Brands you can expect to feel welcomed and listened to – your goals matter to us. During your free evaluation & conversation, we connect with you to find your pain points and discuss your current operation structure. We’ll build a strategy tailored to your individual case and find synergies. A partnership with RDB will build the foundation of a brighter future for you and your practice. 

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  • Autonomy

    We recognize that our doctors are the experts, and we let them decide the best treatment for their patients.

  • Collaboration

    We have a family of doctors at your disposal to help consult on difficult cases and provide support so you don’t have to practice completely alone.

  • Focus On What Matters

    Instead of bills and HR, focus on your patients – we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Maximize Your Earnings

    Obtain Rock Dental Equity so that as we grow, you grow.

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    Doctors are joining our practice because they know that our first focus is taking great care of our patients.

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    Striving to have multiple locations so our patients can have increased access to quality care.

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    We remove the burden of marketing, payroll, accounting, HR, finance and legal so you can focus on high quality patient care.

We support brands patients trust.

Sure, our doctors literally create smiles, but there’s so much more to it than that. At Rock Dental, we support brands that patients’ trust. Rock Dental Brands has a variety of locations that vary from orthodontic care, pediatric dental care, oral surgery, and general family dentistry.  We partner seamlessly alongside all of our individual brands and support them in our main mission: to increase the standard of quality patient care throughout their lifetime.

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Why Rock Dental Brands?
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Care is at the root of Rock Dental Brands.

At Rock Dental Brands, we’re dedicated to setting the highest standard of care throughout the lifetime of our patients. That’s why we take a patient-focused approach that emphasizes family values and transparency. Our program includes peer review, continuing education and more.

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A company culture that thrives on smiles.

At Rock Dental Brands, we thrive on smiles. We are a family, we have FUN at work, we celebrate victories and we learn from our mistakes – together. We host fun and educational provider events each year.

Embrace professional freedom.

Rock Dental brands takes care of business and creates a stable and collaborative work environment so our doctors can do what they do best – help patients smile. We trust our doctors to determine the proper treatment necessary for each and every one of their patients. We don’t influence treatment plans or require daily production numbers. We know you have it handled.

Free Evaluation & Conversation
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    I am beyond passionate about my patients, and I'm thankful that RDB embraces that.

    I love that Rock Dental Brands creates an environment that reduces the stress of business ownership while allowing the doctor the freedom to practice as they see fit.

    Dr. Jennifer Daniel

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    RDB wants me to be able to provide excellent care to our patients and provides me with the time, continued education and resources necessary to do that!

    The private practice I’d been happily working at for years was acquired and one day a team of people from a DSO show up at lunch time bearing gifts branded “Rock Dental” and informing us we were moving across town. I thought I was losing my job, my pay, my freedom! RDB made our transition so smooth. My schedule stayed the same and I wasn’t suddenly demanded to see unmanageable amounts of patients per day with unattainable goals. My salary structure was adjusted but Rock calculated it to be as close as possible to what I’d been accustomed to receiving. An amazing bonus to this new world was the introduction of benefits. Since entering the dental hygiene field, I had not seen group health insurance, retirement contributions, or paid time off and I am more than grateful for this provision available to my family. In a time of shifting dental office structure, I’m glad to be a part of Rock Dental Brands.

    Christina Garman, RDH, BSDH

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  • 92% patient satisfaction
  • Provider-led
  • 4.8 star lifetime rating
  • Lifetime treatment

Gain community while maintaining independence.

Rock Dental Brands can help you focus on patient care while making your own choices and earning more money. We offer support, stability and a collaborative work environment so our doctors can do what they do best - help patients smile.