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Home Office Team

Supporting the practices is the foundation of Rock Dental Brands. Without the diligent support from our dedicated home office staff, our practices could not operate as efficiently and effectively as they do.

Collaborating as a team, supporting our practices, and celebrating at monthly potlucks are all par for the course in a typical day at the Rock Dental Brands home office.

Merritt Dake

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Dake, DDS, MSD

Chief Clinical Officer, Orthodontic Director

Todd Stewart, DDS

Chief Dental Officer

Kristi Crum

Chief Operations Officer

Jake Sligh

Chief Growth Officer

Joe Gregory, JD

General Counsel

Paul McNiel

Chief Compliance Officer

Bryan C. Hiller, DMD, MS

President of Orthodontics

Bryan K. Angel, DDS, Pediatric Dentist

President of Pediatric Dentistry

Jeffrey Nodelman

Executive Director of Brand & Experience

Drew Ramey

SVP of Strategy & Provider Development

Ashley Sims

Chief Financial Officer

Amy Patterson

Vice President of Revenue Cycle

Amy Lasley

Vice President of Operations

Renee Burks

Director of Human Resources

Robbie Gentry

Director of Business Intelligence

Zack McNiel

Director of Procurement

Dani White

Credentialing Manager/Support Center Manager

Anthony Sims

IT Support Manager

Cindy Hamilton

Senior Area Manager

Angie Kemp

Senior Area Manager

Katie Treat

Senior Area Manager

Melissa Butler

Area Manager

Linda Butler Bishop


Liz Caddell

Patient Experience Manager

Melissa Schneider


Natalie Workman


Ashton Barnard

Ortho A/R Lead

Mackenzie Ralston


Jess Clark

Marketing Specialist

Jamie Slusher

Operations Manager

Christi McLoud

Senior Staff Accountant

Bess Fontes

Senior Business Development Consultant

Angela Barbo

Dental A/R Specialist

David Golden

Financial Analyst

Sarah Phillips

Compliance Specialist

Brad Taylor

IT Support Specialist

Keidra Dennis

Collections Account Specialist

Baylie Brown

Ortho Insurance Specialist

Ashleigh Sims

Ortho Insurance Specialist

Magan Hubbard

Ortho Insurance Specialist

Debi Ransom

Collections Account Specialist

Star Brown

Dental A/R Specialist

Jeanita Summons

Dental A/R Specialist

Luke Dietrich

Accounting Analyst

Jocelyn O'Mealia

Revenue Cycle Manager - Ortho

Darlevia Blakley

Orthodontics Verification Coordinator

Hallie Muilenburg

Revenue Cycle Supervisor

Makala Green

Ortho Insurance Verification Specialist

Shay Philmon

Ortho Insurance Specialist

Haley Turpitt

Human Resources Coordinator

Natalie Stock

Missouri Medicaid Coordinator

Polly Yant

Customer Service Representative

Jada Pickens

Customer Service Representative

Jalisha Hill

Collections Account Specialist

Joshlyn Mosley

Collections Account Specialist

Latia Gray

Posting Lead

Sierra Woodham

Customer Service Representative

Latisia Vargas

Customer Service Representative

Jade Hunter

Customer Service Representative

Shelby Gilmore

Posting Specialist

How Can I Join the Rock Dental Brands Team?

To learn more about our career opportunities in our home office, please contact us here.

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