Dr. Bryan Hiller Named Arkansas Business' 40 Under 40

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Dr. Bryan Hiller followed in his father’s footsteps and became an orthodontist. After graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia, Hiller, 37, practiced with his dad in New Hampshire. But the relentless snow proved too much for Hiller, and he moved to Arkansas in 2010.

In 2012, he started buying dental practices in southern Missouri and central Arkansas with his business partner, Dr. Mark Dake, also an orthodontist. The practices’ names were changed in 2015 to Westrock Orthodontics.

“What we were setting out to do is focus on patient treatment and efficient processes in our office,” Hiller said. “And we started to see that we could replicate our model.”

Hiller and Dake began partnering with other orthodontists, pediatric dentists and oral surgeons.

Hiller and Dake founded Rock Dental Brands in 2015. It now has about eight owners and 20 doctors in the group, said Hiller, who is the president of company.

Rock Dental also has offices under the names Leap Kids Pediatric Dental and Impact Oral Surgery. Hiller has helped grow the group to more than 30 locations in Arkansas and Missouri.

Hiller also partners with the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation, which provides free braces to 11- to 18-year-olds.

Hiller said his guiding principle is to always do the right thing. “We really try to put the patient first,” he said.

To read the article from its source, please visit the Arkansas Business article published here.

  • Job Title: Westrock Orthodontics

    "The decision to affiliate with Rock Dental Brands was easy. They are a dental practice management group that is founded by dentists and focuses on putting patients first. This affiliation has not only relieved harrowing administrative tasks, but also allowed me to keep my professional autonomy and set my own schedule. All of this, plus Rock Dental Brands’ proven track record, I am able to trust them to do the right thing for my practice and my patients."

  • Job Title: Owner Founder | Chief Dental Officer

    "How can I say as an individual provider, when I get out of school and open my practice, that I am providing better care than a group of doctors who have support with difficult cases and other specialists available for consultations? I don’t think anyone would disagree if I have a heart issue I want to go somewhere where there are multiple specialists that will take good care of me. I got into this because I feel that our organization can provide great quality and do it cost effectively. We are serious about quality. If we weren’t I wouldn’t be a part of it."

  • Job Title: Owner | Pediatric Dentist

    "Rock Dental Brands prides themselves on taking care of their patients before profits. I was in a place in my life where I wanted to be with a group who was owned by dentists, practiced dentistry, and knew what it is like to own a business and to provide excellent patient care. Rock Dental has wonderful values that align with my own core values. I love that about them."

  • Job Title: Owner Founder | Orthodontist

    "I love to see patients - that's why I became an orthodontist. What I don't love is bills, past due accounts, managing employee 401(k)'s, bonuses, marketing, and of course countless other issues that unexpectedly arise each day. Rock Dental Brands has taken many things off my hands leaving me free to concentrate on what I love: treating patients. The partnership between Rock Dental and our team "on the ground" has been wonderful. Rock Dental is an extension of our team that benefits our practice and our patients in way that I was unable to provide myself."

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