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Rock Dental Brands has many locations that offer orthodontic care, pediatric dental care, oral surgery, and general family dentistry. Each of our locations is committed to one common goal – increasing the standard of quality patient care. Our services strategy allows us to support locations near and far from the home office, so our doctors can treat successfully patients in their local communities.

All of our clinics are open and safe! Learn more about how we are working to keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Treatment through all stages of life.

The Rock Dental Brands family is made up of four unique brands that are each founded with quality care in mind. Leap Kids Pediatric Dental, Westrock Orthodontics, Rock Family Dental, and Impact Oral Surgery, have been carefully developed by doctors for doctors.

Achieving the best results through quality patient care.

At Rock Family Dental, our goal is to make quality care attainable for each and every patient throughout their lifetime. As a group of dentists, who share a common vision for the future of dental care, we understand the importance of providing a dental home to our patients. In order to improve oral and overall health, we consistently focus on the relationship with each patient and strive to better our patients’ experiences. Being linked to a group of specialists, who provide multidisciplinary care in Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Oral Surgery, creates a greater opportunity for collaborative and thorough diagnosis, treatment planning, and ongoing treatment.

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High-end, trustworthy, and reliable pediatric dental offices.

Leap Kids Pediatric Dental was formed in 2015 by a group of pediatric and general dentists who joined together in the development of a group of high-end, trustworthy, reliable pediatric dental offices for infants, children and adolescents. Dr. James L. Bevans, a Pediatric Dentist who has been in practice in Little Rock since 1968, and Dr. Bryan Angel were instrumental in the creation of this group. Together they laid the foundation for excellent patient care, evident throughout Leap Kids Pediatric Dental.

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Achieving the best results through quality patient care.

Westrock Orthodontics officially began in 2015 as a result of the joint efforts of two orthodontists, Dr. Mark Dake and Dr. Bryan Hiller. In 2009, they partnered with one another to facilitate constant improvement in the way they provided patient treatment in addition to customer service. Together they created an environment of cooperation, dedication, and teamwork, that has resulted in an expansive patient care network where quality results are the top priority.

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Creating the best treatment plan possible for patients.

Impact Oral Surgery started in 2015, when Drs. Hugh Lin Burnett III and Joshua Leal joined our family of brands to expand the breadth of services that Rock Dental Brands offers to its patients.

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