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Welcome to the Rock Dental Brands Family!

You may find yourself asking the question: What does this change mean for me? Will this change impact the quality of my treatment? Is my doctor specialized in treating a patient like myself? How will this change benefit me?

Here are a few great reasons why this means only good things for you as our patient:

  • Specialty Care Wherever You Are – We have locations throughout Arkansas and southern Missouri, which means you have access to dental and specialty care wherever you are. To find locations near you, click here.
  • Patient-Centric Care – We are focused on providing patient-centric care, empowering and encouraging our patients to become a part of their treatment. Our doctors and staff listen to what you need, as the patient, and make sure you are comfortable throughout treatment.
  • Access to Any Rock Dental Brands Location – Great news, you can be seen at any location! So just in case you have to move, you will not have to leave the Rock Dental Brands Family!
  • Positive Patient Experience & Feedback – We want to hear from you! Our patients are our most important stakeholders and ensuring you have a positive patient experience is a priority. We encourage feedback on your experience and if you have any concerns we will work to address them.
  • Doctor Executive Committee & Peer Review Program – We have a Doctor Executive Committee that is made up of our own doctors who provide key oversight of quality and standard of care, maintain defined clinical guidelines for all practices, evaluate peer review findings, and define continuing education needs. Our doctors are all part of a Peer Review Program, which allows doctors to collaborate on patient treatment and various treatment approaches to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible.
  • Continued Education, Research & Innovation  – We invest time and resources into the continued education, research, and innovation of our doctors and staff so that we can ensure quality care is what you receive. 
  • Giving Back – We work to create and maintain a sense of community through giving back. Some of these efforts include: AR Mom, Smile for A Lifetime, Free Dental Days and many community events, donations and sponsorships.
  • Work With Us – If you’re in the dental field, and have an interest in working with us, you have the opportunity to join the Rock Dental Brands team. Learn more here.  
  • Accept All Insurances – All of our practices accept all insurances. If you have a question about your particular insurance plan, our staff will be happy to look into it for you!

The Rock Dental Brands group is a specialty-based network of doctors who provide multidisciplinary care in General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, and Oral Surgery. Through continued partnership, these doctors collaborate in order to ensure that the patient is receiving the most successful and advanced dental care or treatment possible.

The core values that we base our services around differentiate us from other large organizations seeking common growth in the industry, meanwhile, they give us a strong foundation to stand on. Read more about our core values here.

The information above is an attempt to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have about this exciting change. Please, contact us here or reach out to the staff at your local office if you have any additional questions. We are so thankful for your patience and continued support.

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