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Dr. Katie Guelos Gibson

March 9, 2020 Culture

Dr. Katie Guelos Gibson

Rock Dental Brands Doctor of the Month

We are proud to showcase Dr. Katie Gibson of our Westrock Orthodontics clinics in Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Russellville as our March doctor of the month! Dr. Gibson is an Arkansas native and grew up in Jonesboro. When she’s not in the clinic, she enjoys traveling near and far, spending quality time with family and friends, attending concerts, and being outdoors. She loves being back home in Arkansas and going camping, hiking, and kayaking. She has two dogs, a lab and a husky, so you can look for her on the local trails with them!  

Dr. Gibson has wanted to be an orthodontist since her experience with braces as a young teenager. She expressed that even at a young age, she knew that it would be such a cool job to be able to help people get the smile they’ve always wanted. Dr. Gibson says, “Braces certainly changed my smile drastically, and the entire journey had a big impact on my life at a very crucial stage. I wanted to not only help others with their smiles, but I also wanted to be a positive influence in their lives and help them gain more confidence in themselves.”

When asked about her favorite memories as an orthodontist, Dr. Gibson loves the opportunity that she and her team have to create a “favorite memory” almost every single day. She describes how her patients cannot contain their excitement when they get their braces off and see their new smile. Sometimes these favorite memories consist of parents coming to her and finally starting treatment after their kids have finished up. Other favorite memories are when a child comes to her and expresses their interest in her work and tells her they want to be an orthodontist just like her someday!

Dr. Gibson’s favorite thing about being an orthodontist is connecting with her patients and their families. She enjoys seeing patients come out of their shell as their smile continues to change in a way that they are proud of. Her absolute favorite part of her job is the moment when a patient’s braces are ready to come off and their new smile is revealed. She considers herself lucky to share this experience with patients often. 

When asked about her clinic’s partnership with Rock Dental Brands, she says that Rock Dental encompasses a group of dental professionals who are able to work together to better serve their patients. Dr. Gibson says, “It has created a support system and network of other dentists and specialists that I am able to call on at any time to assist in providing the best possible care to patients. I have benefited from mentorships, continuing education, and working with professionals in the support center so that my focus can be strictly on patient care every single day. With so many mentors from various experiences and backgrounds available to me, it’s as if my patients get the benefit of all that combined experience, and that is really exciting!”

Dr. Gibson is hard-working, vivacious, and brilliant. We are lucky to have her as a part of our Rock Dental Brands team of doctors. Thank you, Dr. Gibson, for making each of your patients feel like family when they come into your clinic by providing the best service and care possible.


Dr. Gibson completed her undergraduate studies at Arkansas State University before advancing to complete her doctor of dental surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. She went on to earn her Master of Science and Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Kentucky.

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